GVPi builds content delivery platforms using a semi-custom technology framework called PubPathSM. An optimal mix of pre-built and customized services, it allows us to meet the ever-evolving needs of digital publishers and support increasingly diverse content types, business models and devices. We assemble and deliver solutions that are perfectly tailored to each publisher's needs without requiring the time or money traditionally incurred by custom development.

Content support

The GVPi-built platforms house all types of digital content: books, journals, reference works, reports, databases, multimedia and more. We always offer self-service document management, including a proprietary, user-friendly content publishing system to support more complex publishing workflows.

Mobile solutions

GVPi provides a variety of options to ensure your digital content is available on mobile devices: we can optimize your users' viewing and interaction experience through responsive web design, develop a custom mobile app, or customize our white-labeled eReader app for Apple and Android devices.

Marketing and discoverability

Our platforms support a wide range of marketing and advertising initiatives such as alerts, native advertising, metered access, free trials and more. For deep dives into content consumption patterns, we provide in-depth usage reports and integrations with analytics third-party tools. We support all library discoverability requirements including DOIs, MARC records, and deliveries to third-party databases.