Our proprietary access control system, SecureCenterTM, was entirely redesigned in 2015 and can be used alongside a GVPi-built solution or any third-party publishing platform. It integrates with fulfillment systems and ecommerce solutions to provide a cohesive infrastructure for your publishing operations. Its user-friendly interface enables product and offer management for all types of text, data and multimedia content.

Authentication methods

Our publishing platforms support all industry authentication standards: username/password, IP recognition, Athens, Shibboleth, referral URL, OpenID, library card, and more. We can also implement various single sign-on (SSO) configurations to enhance user experience across your web properties.

Business models

SecureCenterTM can be fine-tuned to fully support your evolving business model requirements, whether they involve subscriptions, purchases, free trials and individual, institutional or consortia access. Monetize a website, a collection, a document, a paragraph: its flexible metadata-based infrastructure enables access control at any granularity level.