We build powerful publishing platforms

Are you looking to bolster your publishing program by launching a new digital library? Whether your organization is a seasoned digital publisher or new to online publishing, GVPi can work with you to design and host a user-friendly and modern publishing platform to disseminate your digital content.

We support publishing operations

We understand that running successful digital publishing operations is not just about having a great platform. Along with offering our proprietary access control system, SecureCenter, we architect entire publishing ecosystems by integrating solutions for ecommerce, customer relationship management (CRM), content management systems (CMS), fulfillment and more.

Why are our solutions unique?

To be able to deliver customized publishing solutions in a fast and affordable way, we use a mix of proprietary applications (like PubPathSM and SecureCenterTM) and off-the shelf software, topped by a layer of customization. This ensures we can meet all of your requirements without having to develop costly solutions from the ground up.