Professional and scholarly publishers

GVPi works with publishers who are looking for new ways to disseminate their digital content in all fields of scholarly and professional research: business, law, science, technology, medicine, social sciences and more. We specialize in crafting innovative digital platforms that are based on a flexible use of content to enhance its searchability and discoverability among scholarly and professional communities.

Trade associations, corporations and government agencies

GVPi also serves organizations who are not publishers but run significant publishing programs for the benefit of their members or customers. Whether you are an association looking to improve your membership's access to content, a corporation wishing to enhance the discoverability of your data resources or a government agency who wants to publish official documents online, we can provide you with a digital content platform and integrate it with your information systems.

New to digital publishing?

If you are thinking of launching on online offer for your content but are not sure what solution would best fit your organization, we can help you get started with digital publishing. To find out more, email or call us at (703) 548-9595 x3050.