Founded in 1988, GVPi is a software and services provider with a vast technology toolkit and a team of skilled experts focused on crafting high-quality, affordable digital publishing solutions.

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GVPi provides customizable, mobile-friendly content delivery platforms. We also architect epublishing ecosystems including CMS, CRM, AMS, ecommerce and fulfillment solutions.

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GVPi supports publishers and other organizations with publishing programs. Whether you are new to digital publishing or not, we can help develop and monetize your digital content offerings.

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Why choose us?

GVPi is your expert partner for all your digital publishing needs.
  • Unique epublishing experience
  • Unparalleled customer focus
  • Team of expert developers
  • Fully customizable platforms
  • Innovative features
  • Mobile applications
  • Powerful access control
  • Robust content management
  • Complex web CMS implementations
  • Ecommerce and CRM solutions
  • Expert integration services
  • In-house hosting


  • As the head of IT, I know how difficult it is to source good technical vendors and develop a mutually beneficial working relationship. It is also difficult to maintain continuity as technologies continue to evolve. When you find a great vendor, you hang on to them. GVPi is the top vendor I have worked with in my 35 years in IT. They listen well, take ownership of projects, deliver quality projects on the agreed upon budget and will push back when they think that you are making a questionable decision. I give them my highest recommendation.

    Rick Sterling, National Fire Protection Association

  • GVPi started off by taking the time to get to know us and how we like to work and our business rules. This holistic understanding of who AILA is and why we're building the things we are has helped the process go quite smoothly. Through the whole process, they are very communicative and easy to work with. They are one of those rare companies that makes it feel like they are working just for us and are responsive to our needs, especially when urgent projects suddenly pop-up. For each project they're good at detailing out the costs and always perform on budget.

    Their approach helps us stop worrying about the process and focus on the end product to get it exactly how we want it to be. GVPi is an integral part of the success of our organization and we feel so lucky to have found such a reliable and accomplished partner to work with.

    Andrea Chempinski, Matt Pedroso, American Immigration Lawyers Association

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Latest News

SAGE Research Methods migrates to GVPi

Following the launch of elibrary SAGE Knowledge, SAGE Publishing migrates award-winning SAGE Research Methods to a GVPi-built platform. Read the press release here.

July 2016 gets a redesign

The National Fire Protection Association's website just got a new modern, responsive design. Check it out here.

June 2016